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Welcome to It's All Well & Good.

Learn how to relax your way to health with
this Second Edition of It's All Well and Good.
Though this book may appear whimsical, it is an
ingeniously designed relaxation and healing system
suitable for absolutely anybody in a body.

It's All Well and Good is utilized in many environments,
including the corporate and nonprofit worlds,
college health and nursing courses, yoga classes,
spas, wellness programs, medical centers and hospitals.

Whatever your age, state of health, or location on the planet, this book is a health companion for your body and mind.

Discover its universal approach to the fine art of self-healing, stress resilience and relaxation therapy. Science is now proving the efficacy of integrative relaxation and its impact on reducing the biochemical impact of stress.

A big preventive health plan ... in a small package. 

We invite you to browse, learn more and buy many copies!
For yourself, as an awesome gift for friends and loved ones,
or for your employees, your students or your clients.